drollery at its oddest

i couldn’t find my pipe so i just smoked out of this
August 10, 2006, 1:15 am
Filed under: ramblings, random

i ask my best friend for a first sentence. my best friend, mind you. the answer: abalones are my favorite shellfish. do i need to repeat that? surely not. good lord, i keep being interrupted by the telephone. calls all the time today. anyways, this response has made me seriously reconsider my choice of friends. abalones? i so wish you could see movements and hear the way i say things in my head. it makes things oh so much funnier. shake your head “no” as you read “abalones?” i wish there was a better way to convey my actions and tones in my writing besides the puerile *shakes head*. i refuse to asterisk my actions. surely i will devise some way to do this; i just don’t believe i am able to right now.

thoughts are hard to catch sometimes. thoughts are tremendously peculiar if they themselves are thought about. curiousier and curiousier. sometimes i feel like my head is fraught with the oddest preoccupations. sometimes it is. back to thoughts though, sometimes they linger, refusing to budge. but other times they seem to be the flightiest of concepts that are simply impossible to grasp, even for a moment. this is almost difficult to write, as i am constantly clambering for the words that compose these sentences. but i do believe this to be a help, in some way. it’s almost as though if i can just capture a single sentiment that everything will normalize. i suppose normalize might not be the correct word to use in this instance, as my parti pris would most likely be considered a bit odd to say the least. maybe not though.

i often find that communicating my sense of a word or phrase is almost an impossible feat. (eww.. feet. i hate other people’s feet.) another call. i am just amazed at how extremely polite and concerned for the welfare of others i can be sometimes. usually i’m just such a bitch. well, not exactly a bitch per say, but most definitely not quite as nice as i am currently. for instance, my friend calls. april says, “oh, i tried to call you last night. i forgot to tell you something of the utmost importance.” (and this is in an extremely soft, sweet voice.) what’s that? “i wanted to tell you that i was so happy you made it home okay last night.” (stress the “so.”) sometimes i giggle cutely too.

i have horrible hearing right now. rodney says “those are some phat shoes.” april hears “i wish you were fat.” okay, there is like approximately one word that is in any way similar between the two statements. i also make strange word associations and if a word sounds similar to another, my brain just immediately switches. i can be kind of mean too. i have to be fair. i don’t feel like typing an example though, i can’t quite follow the conversations and i keep getting lost. that is perfectly okay though. absolutely spectacular. it almost makes me forget about tacos.


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