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August 11, 2006, 11:35 am
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hi, i’m april and i’m a misanthrope.

i would never go to ma. i am proud of my misanthropic attitude. there is little more joy to be had in this world other than that which can be obtained through the unmerited hatred of mankind. unmerited? hardly. some would believe so, but these people are wrong. not only completely in the wrong, but incognitant, or perhaps just unenlightened. there is hope. you too can become a orgulous misanthrope.

let me reiterate, i hate people. let me clarify, i can like or even love people, but these are to be earned, not handed out like backrubs in a cuddle puddle. love, however, does not mean the absolute absence of hatred. that’s the beauty of hatred, it can accompany and enhance any other emotion. i believe i have approximately three to four friends who are loved to the fullest and to whom the term hatred can not be consistently applied.

there are many reasons to hate people. i hate people who do not know how to shut up, when to shut up, or the value of shutting their fucking mouths for one goddamn second. i adore peace and quiet. i could sit in silence and think or not think all day. this, unfortunately, is often interrupted by the constant babble of bullshit flowing from some dumbass’s mouth. let me tell you, i do not, absolutely do not, give a fuck what the hell you ate for breakfast or the consistency of your bowel movement (bbmbf). i also hate people who do not understand how to take a hint, especially a very direct, hardly subtle hint.

we have always been told not to judge a book by it’s cover. go ahead, listen to your grandma. looks aren’t everything. don’t judge by them. this does not mean that you have to give that book or person the benefit of the doubt and automatically like them. no! hate them. you can always begin to like them if they have any qualities deserving, otherwise why waste your time? more importantly, you will never be disappointed if the person isn’t that 1 out of 107 and turns out to be a total douche.


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this is very like you, i find that i approve of people all too often, and i cherish a friend who balances this terrible predisposition out. you truly remind me of how marginal “like”s truly are.

Comment by Chas

Thank You

Comment by Alex

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