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August 16, 2006, 9:59 pm
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ahh.. started back to work this week. school starts next week. exciting times. why am i so relaxed? well, it’s rather simple: i’m pretending to be an alcoholic today. allow me to pause while i wait for my boy to make me another drink… dear lord, my “boy” just made me prepare my own drink and clean up the mess i made. how plebian.

does it not seem that everyone is afflicted with a mood disorder or some other “injustice” in this great age of psychiatry? don’t misunderstand me, i greatly appreciate psychiatry and value the treatments that allow me to live out a semi-normal life, but it appears that some doctors earn commission from the number of cases of adhd or bipolar disorder that they churn out. i know people with untreated adhd, treated adhd, and treated non-adhd. and now it seems there is a deluge of people claiming to be bipolar. where is the line drawn between a normal mood swing and mania? do most of these patients even understand mania? it’s almost as though having a mood disorder has become mainstream and everyone is clamboring for their diagnosis.

i do apologize if you actually suffer from bipolar disorder, or any other disorder for that matter. i understand. glad to see stigma fading away somewhat as people embrace their disorders and claim their diagnosis proudly, but for some it’s been belittled to nothing more than an excuse for a late paper or lack or motivation. fucking wake up.

apparently, i make some people sad sometimes. do i care? actually, and rather surprisingly, yes, i do. well, for some people i care. others… not so much. ohh, to be a bitch. it’s so difficult at times. okay, i’m done.


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i concur, absolutley. but i doubt if i could have put it as well 🙂

Comment by imterriblewithusernames

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