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stay in school kids, or die?
August 22, 2006, 12:31 am
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is this how life is supposed to work? it’s so strange how interests change over time. i grew up hating math and science, despite the fact that these were my strong subjects, and while i’m still like angry at numbers and shit, i can see myself pulling away from my once beloved english and finding new joys in the sciences. how is it that almost everything about a person can undergo all of these alterations, and yet leave the same substance that makes up his or her character? am i alone in this?

a few other things to ponder… how is it that all of the ugliest people on campus, myself included, find themselves in the computer science and math building around 11:00? also, am i missing something in life by not having anything to believe in? that one really bothers me. i was raised in a christian household, but never felt compelled to believe in the lies that were fed to me every sunday morning. i can’t think of anything i’ve ever believed in, besides myself and science, and i almost feel as though i am missing out on this wonderful sense of wellbeing and a general feeling of fulfillment. do you have to believe in something to make life worthwhile? i compare myself to friends that have a strong belief system, a belief system in god or buhdda or anything, and they just seem so much more well-rounded and content. it’s like they know a secret and i hate them for that. there i go. i believe in hatred. ha.


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those are interesting and (i think) worthwhile ramblings.

Comment by carrie

Blogmad hit!

I snubbed math for more entertaining topics in college. I think I’d be making more money now if I had majored in a math/science field.

Comment by JJ

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