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August 30, 2006, 10:08 am
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staring at this blank screen has been theraputic at times. now it seems to be a reflection of the lacuna in my mind. i despise this feeling. it’s almost as though my entire body is a void, just a drain on my energy and emotions. i begin tasks with the best intentions and yet inevitably find myself confused and disoriented. i honestly cannot even tell you why i am even attempting to write a damned blog entry right now. regardless. let me bore you with seven things about me:

1. i like to listen to the peewee’s playhouse theme song every morning when i first wake up.

2. i think it would be weird to change your first name. like you’d be a different person.

3. i only eat red candies with one exception: i do eat yellow laffy-taffy.

4. i am a quitter. this makes me sad after the fact, but at the time it always seems like such a grand idea.

5. i use the word ridiculous a lot. most likely too much.

6. i just got a new research job that i’m really excited about. i start on friday and am extremely nervous.

7. i’m going to see medea next month. i’m taking a friend for her birthday. yeah, i’m that nice.

okay. that was worse that i could have ever imagined. even i got bored just typing the bullshit. fuck. yeah, life really sucks right now. i just need to be able to think…


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Blogmad hit!

Comment by michele

Thank you for the comment on my entry! 🙂 I appreciate it very much. Good luck on your new job–not that you’ll need it since you’ll obviously be superb. 😀

Comment by Birdie

Hit from the Zoo!

Comment by jodi

Good luck with your new job today!

Comment by kathy

thanks guys. it went well.

Comment by spurtsofcrazy

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