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the universe has been raped in the mind-gina
September 2, 2006, 3:45 am
Filed under: life, random

so, i finally had a night off. hoorah! therefore, i had a good friend over. wow, the night gets even better. oh wait! i forgot the totally bestest parts of my day. my new job–fucking amazing. my new book came in–babylon heights by irvine welsh. my new shirts came in–five delicious t-shirts for me to wear at my leisure. ahh. i feel like i’m in heaven.

so, yeah, we’ve just been sitting around, smoking. and, of course, i come in here to blog. (i’m shaking my head as i say that in my head, btw.) anyway, we were about to watch run lola run, cause i needed the soundtrack to pick me up and besides, it’s a ridiculously good movie. but back to it, i thought it was really funny… don’t know that you will, but oh well. i was putting the movie in and said, “yeah, it’s also really good for me to watch this movie, kind of brush up on my german.” (i have had it for a while, by the way.) sorry for the break. it kind of ruined it. so let me start again, if you don’t mind. “yeah, it’s also really good for me to watch this movie, kind of brush up on my german. i can understand nine words in that movie now.”

okay, is that not funny? maybe not hilarious, but kind of funny? you know, the billy madison thing. oh well, maybe you didn’t get it. maybe i’m just too fucked up to be typing right now. regardless. i just have to say that i am in the best mood i have been in for a long time. and that, folks, is amazing. yay for me! yay for you!

oh yeah, and really, if you actually read all of this with even an ounce of interest. thanks guy. really. i likes people like you. 🙂 leave a comment if you want, i happen to love the little guys.


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