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this blog contains the ramblings of an infp schizoaffective student. infp happens to be my personality profile. if you are interested, here is a good summary of this type. schizoaffective happens to be my disorder. once again, if interested, here is a nice summary for you.

i like planetariums and pictures of outer space. i wish i were more creative and artistic. i like to read, and yes, that is a small portion of one of my bookshelves in the header if you were wondering. i like to knit. when i’m having a schizophrenic episode i really enjoy writing. i like to sit around on my ass doing nothing and yet complain of boredom at the same time. i like to spend money i don’t have, though i’m sure it would be just as enjoyable if i actually had the money. i love going to the zoo and to aquariums. i can’t wait to graduate so i can move on to grad school in a real city. i love to travel. i’m easily entertained. i like my personality, though i can see why others would not. i consider myself to be a generally sweet and kind hearted person, unless someone tries to fuck with me once. then it’s over. i do believe in second chances though. oh, and i apparently like to talk about myself as though other people really give a shit. i don’t believe in god or any other deity. i like to laugh. i often make clever (in my opinion at least) jokes and comments that i increasingly find no one else quite catching. i wear my emotions on my sleeve. i wish i were more photogenic for my friends’ sakes. i love my cats, but they don’t care.



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I am similar with schizoaffective disorder. I am an INFP as well. I don’t believe in god either. I am, though, very creative. Just letting you know that you’re not alone.

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