drollery at its oddest

favorite things

these are a few of my favorite things, and yes, of course i sang the song as i typed the intro…

movies: mostly comedies such as shaun of the dead and waiting for guffman. also: run lola run, sex and lucia, abre los ojos, the labyrinth, the weatherman, and the goonies. currently, the squid and the whale is my favorite. oh, and i absolutely loved kiss kiss bang bang. too funny.

television shows: arrested development, the office (bbc version), strangers with candy, wonder showzen, aqua teen hunger force, home movies, sealab 2021.

authors: albert camus, ayn rand, chuck palahniuk, douglas coupland, fyodor dostoyevsky, gregory maguire, irvine welsh, kurt vonnegut, paulo coelho.

music: alkaline trio, an angle, and you will know us by the trail of dead, artic monkeys, assorted jellybeans, bloc party, diesel boy, the distillers, finch, the format, gym class heroes, june, the magic numbers, the mars volta, minus the bear, muse, placebo, the polyphonic spree, say anything, tori amos.


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